Saturday, March 20, 2010


saturday's sad discovery... our cat is limping badly and yelping when she moves around. emergency appointments cost £100 so we're going to have to wait until monday.

saturday's exciting purchase... a new imac! check out the silly pictures we've taken with it..

i should justify that this is not a luxury purchase. our little old computer broke last weekend and now we are broke too :) but we have oh such a beautiful imac, so we are determined to enjoy the heck out if it after spending so much of our emergency fund!

saturday's hurrah... a haircut and colour for me! at last! i have been hating my boring hair for so long, that i decided that if i felt better about what i saw in the mirror every day, we'd all be a lot happier. it's working so far!

Friday, March 12, 2010

bags, bibs and bunting...

... all in the shop now.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


samuel loves cat.
cat is samuel's new best friend.
cat gets fed biscuits
and is offered toys to play with.
cat gets kisses.
samuel loves cat.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hello. sorry for another fairly long silence. i'd blame it on the laryngitis but i don't think that really works with blogging! i don't even really have anything interesting to say now that i come to post, but samuel is now fast heading towards being 2 and therefore picking up new words every day, becoming clearer about his wants and needing more and more opportunity to run off his energy. last week was half term and lots of my tuition pupils took the week off, which gave us a fairly blank diary. we ended up shopping for new toys, playing with new toys, going to the zoo, riding the toddle truck (with bear. blanket was in the cubby-hole under the seat!), chasing bubbles, going to a soft-play group, learning to go up and down the slide independently, and many other things besides. it was a good week in all, and now it's back to normal routine for us. the final photo here is of the shawl i've made my grandma for her 90th birthday next week. happy birthday grandma!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

for sale

it is with sadness that i write that the little tree house is now On The Market.
i love our house. it is beautiful. it is decorated just how we like it. we chose our kitchen just how we wanted it. our son was born here. we are happy here. but it is small. and we need somewhere bigger. or a magic potion to enlarge the house. unfortunately the little tree house is not up the magic faraway tree so getting hold of that potion could be tricky.

it is with pleasure however, that i write that the little tree house is now Open For Business. and by that i mean that my etsy shop has stock! this ( will take you to my shopfront on etsy. so far i've put some pincushions and some bunting in, but i hope to add fabric bags, baby bibs, more bunting and some baby knitwear by the weekend, with sock monkeys, knitted and felt decorations and other bits later in the year. i hereby cut the virtual ribbon and invite you all in for a browse and some virtual cake.

Friday, February 12, 2010

recently i've been...

... enjoying my homemade bunting.

... planting seeds. and look, they're growing! cabbage, lettuce, parsnip, carrot, onion, leek, sweet peas, rhubarb and basil. keep your greenest fingers crossed for the poor things. i don't have a good track record with plants.

... training for the ravelympics. the winter olympics start tonight and alongside that high profile event, a rather less publicised,but rather more wooly, event is also beginning. the ravelympics is a knitting event lasting for the duration of the sportier version and the aim is to challenge yourself to knit something in the time frame. i've found a pattern, wound my lace-weight silk and will be casting on sometime on saturday morning.

... loving my flowers from my wonderful husband.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

dressing up

there's a brilliant competition here, to do with wearing as many hand-knitted items as possible to keep warm in this chilly weather. so i thought i'd have a go! here's the evidence of me (and a little help from samuel) in as many items as i could reasonably wear (ie: only one of each type of item).

i was obviously let down by my lack of knitted jumper/cardigan or hat - issues i must recitify! but the hats i have made so far have gone to other people, and the sweater on the needles is only collar sized, so couldn't really count! however, the list of worn items is as follows (the link are ravelry links, as requested by the competition originator, so unless you have a rav account, you won't be able to use them). i expect many a knitter will surpass this quantity quite easily, but it was fun being so cosy for a while :)

cowl (pretty thing)
scarf (my own design)
shawl (damson)
wristwarmers (own design - no project page - made before i joined ravelry from yarn left over from this)
mittens (snowflake catchers)
socks (cloud nine)
samuel's hat and mitts (striped hat by debbie bliss, mittens: my own design)

(we had a photo-losing issue with the full length pic, so just to prove the socks were really there...

... and no, i don't normally wear ankle swingers like that. if i'd left my flares as they were, you'd have seen nothing of the socks!)

so if you're cold this week, go and find all the wooly items you own, and wear them. it's very snuggly!

Monday, January 25, 2010

stickle bricks have landed

i don't know which boy has more fun...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Grandpa Jack

today would have been the 97th birthday of my grandpa jack, who died on tuesday.

registered blind and almost deaf, he still lived a quiet life with my grandma in the house where they raised their family. born in 1913, he experienced both world wars, serving in the navy in the second on the HMS ramilles; the target ship for the bismark to take down, while allied forces made their attack on the enemy boat. he played the organ, violin and cello and he would demonstrate for us grandchildren with a little persuasion! not owning a car, he walked everywhere or used public transport. they knew their neighbours and attended the same church for decades. he would always be smartly dressed, with waistcoat and jacket, even indoors wearing his carpet slippers. small, wiry and always with a knowing nod, did the washing up in the middle of dinner, washed his hair with boiled up stinging nettles and ate the red bit from edam cheese. husband of one, father of two, grandfather of 5 and great grandfather of 2, he will be missed.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

once upon a time there was christmas...

someone had a Christmas jumper

got the hang of giving out presents

opened a few himself

and played happily ever after

the end.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2009 in knits

my gallery of finished knitted items from 2009...

tank top for samuel (now way too small!)

super chunky scarf for me

long mitts for my sister

rainbow mitts for my mum
cashmere scarf for me

cashmere scarf for carol-in-canada (hope it's keeping you warm carol!)

swallowtail shawl for me

rainbow hat for sister-in-law

two pairs of cloud 9 socks, blue for my mum, purple for phil's mum

ipod pocket for phil

two pairs of wristwarmers for lovely ladies

ruffles scarf for dawn

damson shawl for my mum

hat and mittens for samuel
mittens for me

two pairs of cashmere heart glovelets, blue for my mum and purple for phil's mum (i did finish them, but forgot to take a photo!)

knitted Christmas decorations

neckwarmer for phil

bamboo neckwarmer
cashmere/merino neckwarmer for phil's dad (i made a second one for lydia, but forgot to photograph it!)

a cashmere neckwarmer for me

i also knitted a few little bears for sale, two pairs of children's mittens as gifts and a small shawl for me of which i can't find a photo - oops.

if you're a knitter and want links to any of the patterns, just leave me a comment and i'll get back to you. it was just going to be too time consuming to link everything!

so far in 2010 i've already cast on a hat, 2 shawls, a hooded scarf, a pair of socks and have plans for a sweater, a curly angora scarf, a lace stole, another neckwarmer, a baby vest, baby stuff for an expected niece/nephew, and more socks and mittens. i also hope to finish some of the things i cast on but abandoned last year; a cardigan, a large lace shawl and a scarf. also, very excitingly, i've joined my very first yarn club! it's been a busy week of 2010 already!